Tips and Tricks on Photo Shooting


by : Wanda Krack


I am learning about taking photos as well as other aspects of photography. There are some thoughts I would like to express that I hope are helpful to you.

Take your camera everwhere you go. Let it be a part of your everyday journey. But, do more than that, listen to the small voice inside yourself when it tells you "that would make a good picture!" You can always erase a photo later, but sometimes you can never re-capture those missed opportunities! Every shot you take does not have to be perfect, so experiment, take your time, and you will learn.

Also, take a tripod.....I have learned to leave one in my car. If you don't have a tripod, have an idea of a make-shift one you can use to stabalize the camera. Beanbags, rice pads, and sandbags are some possible examples. It does make a difference when you have a stabalized camera!

When looking through the view-finder or on the screen, think about what the subject is, or what feeling you want to portray, or what ideas you want to get across. The subject is important, but the other thing that can not be emphasized too much is to then simplify the picture. Keeping it simple will allow you to portray the one thought, one idea, or one subject.

After you simplify the picture once, see if you can simplify it again. This is best done at the time of the taking, although it can be done in post-processing, it's much easier if done earlier.

There are many ways to simplify a photo. It might mean moving to a different position, placing a solid color object behind the subject, moving so the light changes, making changes in the f-stop and shooting not in auto, or making changes in the speed, or the ASA setting. Whatever you see through the viewfinder, just think, SIMPLIFY.

This has been said several times before, but always consider the light and the background when shooting a photo. These two items are very important when anticipating taking a photo. It's best not to have areas that are too bright and too dark, unless that is what you are wanting to do.

To become a winner on this site DOES require patience, both with yourself and those who critique your work. Reading the comments, looking at a photo from a differet perspective, reading and participating in the forums, taking the challenge in the contest gallery every two weeks and going out and shooting a photo to submit, esentially all that you do on this site will help in your learning.

We are all students of life. It's up to each individual to choose the way and means!! Best Wishes to each of you!

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