Touching The Surface Of The Natural Mirror


by : sz1


I had the idea for this photo for some days. I already took photos from the same place some days earlier but photos did not come as good as I wanted. The weather was not the best either. (I made the first pictures from that place and boat already in mid-summer).

So I and my companion went to the river side in Saturday evening, 10th September. It was just a perfect calmness at the river, cool evening just before the sun was set. That was just a perfect situation! It was kind of unreal feeling there.

My goal was to have very dramatic perspective for this photo (as it was aimed for a challenge with the subject of perspective). So I took this photo holding camera very low over the surface. In deed, my hands were touching the water. I had to be careful not to sink my camera. I took several shots to make sure I would get the perfect one.

I used the focal length of 18 mm to make photo as wide I could. (I had to crop it a little though later to get rid of some unwanted objects.) I used manual settings for my Canon EOS 350D. They were f/7.1 for aperture, 1/80s for shutter and 400 for ISO. With those setting, I managed to get the bridge far away in focus but also get enough speed to be able to hold the camera steady. I would have wanted to use lower ISO but in those situations I needed to play safe.

Although I liked the picture as it was, I made these to make it even better (and I really like to post edit):

Little bit NeatImage (although, it was not really needed).
Little bit cropping for rule of third.
Color balance.
Noise removing to make it even more smooth (just to remove some noise after contrast and color changes).
Little bit USM.

For this winning version I also removed some objects (at the right). I darkened the blue sky and smoothed things even more.


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