Winning Photo - Dreamer Moon


by : Wiz66

I Wanted something unique and peaceful looking, something everyone can relate to, I love using all of my resources to make good decor photos.

The Moon I took on my local beach with an aperture of f/5.6, shutter speed of 2secs using a lens 200mm Canon on a Canon EOS 300D camera. I used another photo for the background, the same place but during the day. And the black birds i caught on camera in my local river flying over head.

I experimented with the selective colour on Photoshop CS to get the soft purple hues, then pasted in the moon and then the birds, and with a paint brush using white, dotted the sky with stars, and to finish it off, I used the trusty old flood filter to get the reflections and still water. And this is what it came up like.

It was my first attempt at Photoshop using filters and layers and it was an experience, since then, I have moved on to more harder projects and slowly gaining confidence in what i do.


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